What is OpenPowerNet?

OpenPowerNet is a traction power supply and train performance simulation software developed by Institut für Bahntechnik GmbH, BO Dresden. OpenPowerNet does the traction Power Supply Calculation in module PSC as well as the Advanced Train Model simulation in module ATM. The operational simulation is done by OpenTrack in co-simulation with the electrical simulation. OpenPowerNet has a retroactive effect to OpenTrack.


OpenPowerNet is developed by Institut für Bahntechnik GmbH, BO Dresden as an in-house tool. Since July 2009 a commercial and since March 2010 a academic license is available. In case you are in need of a traction power supply simulation respective simulation tool please contact us. We provide OpenPowerNet licenses as well as the service to simulate and analyse traction power supply networks.

OpenPowerNet main functionality:

What's new in Version 1.9.2?

What's new in Version 1.9.1?

Graphical User Interface


Engine Editor

Engine Editor

Analysis Tool


Software Structure:


Network Model:



Substation Model:



Engine Model: Single Components


Engine Model: Mean Efficiency


Engine Model: Efficiency Table


Engine Energy Storage Load Models:


Engine Energy Storage Unload Models: